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About Me

Hello, my name is Vishal and I am an engineer and technical consultant

Innovative, value-driven technologist with a passion for engineering, an innate skill for breaking down complex technologies, a knack for efficient and clear communication, and proven leadership experience in building strong cohesive teams. Driven to create scalable, efficient, & secure infrastructure for companies, and to align company/business values with engineering priorities. Relentlessly motivated to achieve personal and professional growth.

I also bake a lot of bread! Check it out on Instagram, YouTube, and whole-flour.com

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My Services

Software Development

If you have a modern stack application that needs a new feature, architecture guidance, a major refactor, or just some polish, I am your guy.

Technical consulting

Help you leverage modern technologies for your (small or local) business to increase operational efficiencies, improve customer engagement, and ultimately increase revenue.


Let’s leverage your company’s greatest strengths and build scalable people operations to retain and grow your people with thriving culture. I have expertise in setting up and conducting review cycles, onboarding & offboarding, one-on-ones, knowledge bases, and growth paths.

Agile Consulting

Let's scale Agile across your entire organization. Including but not limited to outlining Agile rituals and best practices, team dashboards, JIRA setup and automation, and definitions of ready and done.

Compliance Consulting


I can guide your company through all necessary steps to review and validate your information security processes & controls, and identify gaps in order to prepare you for a successful SOC 2 audit or HIPAA compliance.

Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

I know how to dig in and ask the right questions to discover, design, and develop a process to create software that is optimized for your ideal business outcomes.




My Experience

  • Aug, 2018 – Oct, 2022
    VP of Engineering
    New York, USA
    Funnel Leasing

    Real estate/property technology company that helps companies centralize their leasing process through renter centric SaaS products.

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    Architected and helped build Funnel Online Leasing platform, used by thousands of real estate agents and tens of thousands of applicants daily
    • Led cross-functional globally distributed team of 22 developers, designers, product managers, QA, and implementation specialists in building and deploying the Online Leasing platform, which will be utilized by 80% of Funnel’s client base and will account for 50% of Funnel’s ARR
    • Played key role in hitting sales and implementation goals by:
      • working directly with enterprise clients to creatively solution their existing workflows
      • customizing the product per client to gain efficiencies and reduce costs
      • modernizing our clients’ process by encouraging adoption of Funnel’s prescriptive solutions
      • building automated internal onboarding flows and tools for new clients that increased implementation speed by 90%, resulting in faster feedback and shortened pilot times
    • Served as President of H.O.M.E., Funnel’s non-profit charity created to fight housing inequality
    Provided strategic and operational leadership to drive Funnel’s scaling efforts from 22 employees to 120 employees in 4 years
    • Developed a growth plan for Engineering department to increase retention; created and helped standardize Engineering interview process to ensure acquisition of top talent
    • Created company-wide onboarding process on Notion for smooth experience for fully remote team
    • Created comprehensive review system for multiple departments; developed one-on-one meeting structure for managers to ensure proper support of their direct reports
    • Co-led Funnel’s 8 month long SOC2 certification process alongside CTO, cementing Funnel’s status as the first prop tech company to be SOC2 Type II certified
    • Launched and continue to conduct bimonthly new hire orientation for Product & Engineering hires, ensuring fast and effective onboarding timelines
    • Managed and organized consolidation of multiple company knowledge bases into Notion
    Standardized process and established best practices to facilitate scaling from one team owning all business goals to 8 individual teams that each own a single business goal
    • Set up and managed Jira workflows & automation and instilled best scrum practices to standardize agile process and methodology across all teams
    • Created team level metrics that allowed for more consistent team management, including monitoring velocity across teams; balanced workload among team members; reduced single points of failure; achieving accurate estimations during Q planning
    • Created reports to give VPs and executive team visibility into team makeup and progress in order to make data driven decisions such as hiring or resourcing
  • Jun, 2016 – Jun, 2018
    Lead Systems Architect
    Hoboken, USA

    Health tech startup that helps healthcare systems innovate by having an all in one platform where they can set vision, goals, initiatives, and deploy with built in tools.

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    Designed and built Noteworth clinician web platform: designed and built enterprise level backend and helped build frontend; created all hosting infrastructure for multiple environments; built scalable secure infrastructure utilizing AWS; planned and executed modularization of monolithic application which reduced onboarding time, institutional knowledge required to build, bug-fixing time, & infrastructure cost, and increased testability, scalability, and velocity.

    Built a cohesive and high-performing engineering team by onboarding & transitioning 10 engineers across multiple disciplines and platforms, designing and enforcing remote working policies, creating and implementing effective engineering interview processes, and championing internal hack day events to keep engineers inspired and challenged.

    Created and implemented engineering standards and culture: emphasized test-driven mentality, defined necessary skill sets required to achieve organizational goals, implemented centralized logging service, created full CI/CD pipelines, and achieved near 100% devops automation.

    Played a key role in hitting sales & implementation goals: reduced infrastructure cost by 50%, saving the company approx. $20-25k a year, created a custom sales environment for demos and client requests, and worked with enterprise level hospitals including Cedars Sinai to spearhead successful integration with their system.

    Spearheaded security and risk assessment of the entire organization by planning and executing fixes for non compliant parts, creating HIPAA compliant infrastructure, implementing a security-first mindset, and instituting incident response policy and procedures.

    Created and implemented product development cycle: acted as major decision-maker in all product-focused decisions and implementations, sourced and shepherded 3rd party agency when developing first version of mobile applications, created multiple scrappy prototypes to test and gather feedback before investing in further tech, and championed mobile analytics initiative, research, implementation, KPI creation & tracking.

  • Jan, 2015 – Jun, 2016
    Lead Backend Engineer
    New York, USA

    Product-driven web and mobile app design & development agency that works with startup and enterprise clients.

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    • Led the engineering, architecture, and infrastructure of Restful APIs used by mobile and web applications
    • Managed and led the globally-distributed backend team and supported ongoing growth by facilitating their attendance at technical conferences, creating structured growth plans, introducing new technologies to the team, and giving each team member the opportunity to lead a project.
    • Made decisions on technologies used, helped facilitate dev operations, and was a key decision-maker in all relevant client kickoffs.
    • Encouraged company-wide technical growth by creating and leading monthly meetings (“Enigma Chats”) aimed at demystifying technology and implementation.
  • Oct, 2012 – Dec, 2014
    Lead Frontend Engineer
    New York, USA
    Medical Knowledge Group/Visual Alchemy

    Best-in-class medical communications, healthcare consulting, and data analytics agency.

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    • Managed and mentored a team of five developers.
    • Facilitated cross training and the utilization of best practices.
    • Ensured job scope was communicated and adhered to throughout the team.
    • Delegated assignments to junior team members.
    • Led the creation and architecture of a full range of applications for mobile and web, including apps for large medical conferences to help facilitate presentation, registration, and education by utilizing Django and AngularJS.
    • Implemented technologies and procedures to increase turnaround and efficiency of projects, including making apps/sites device agnostic.
  • Nov, 2011 – Oct, 2012
    Full Stack Developer
    White House Station, USA
    Delia Associates

    B2B business brand and web marketing agency targeted towards manufacturing professionals.

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    • Created custom WordPress themes for clients, including custom taxonomies and relationships
    • Developed and deployed multiple email campaigns
    • Utilized responsive design in order to increase usability across multiple platforms
    • Implemented MVC architecture, version control (Git), and other various technologies to increase efficiency of deliverables
    • Utilized Magento to develop an e-commerce platform customized to fit client needs
  • Jan, 2010 – Oct, 2012
    New York, USA

    Web development agency focused on delivering high quality Wordpress sites.

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    • Co-founded in 2010 with another developer with the purpose of providing leading web technologies to emerging businesses.
    • Worked directly with designers and clients to convert concepts into reality.
    • Developed sites for non-profit, corporate, and personal use. Clients included Iridescent Learning, Matt Neiroda Productions, Trashcan Magazine, and Family Tree Day Care.
    • >
    • Developed splash pages for Warby Parker and the Invisible Children campaign. Updated appointment creating system style and function based on Symphony.
  • May, 2008 – Nov, 2011
    Mac Genius
    Edison, USA

    American multinational technology company that specializes in consumer electronics, software and online services.

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    • Certified technician for Apple hardware and software.
    • Performed computer installations and setup, diagnostics, repairs, and system and network upgrades on various products/systems.
    • Repaired/serviced over 4000 machines with various hardware and software issues.
    • Set up and maintained multiple servers such as DeployStudio and workgroup servers.
    • Created and facilitated ongoing technical training for certified technicians.

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